the end of a road for me

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the end of a road for me

Post#1 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:51 pm

hey all its hard for me to do it but i will be leaving the guild :cry: (only cutterpillar i wish you will still welcome my remaining alt as before :) ) the reason is that in the last month or so i feel like i am in the way like a Third wheel the reason is that the guild became too focused on the raids for my taste and it looks like a social like myself dont have a spot any more because of it.
and its also about my game time i can only play at the weekends and the guild dont have any activities for me to join.
and because of this i want to have fun with m+ runs or achiv runs with guild mates and such and how much it paines me to say i cant do it here.

the other reason is that a friend of mine the one who introduced me wo WOW has just quited the game and i fill like it is a good opportunity to try and play with a fellow country man so i will probably will change realm to the maelstrom where the israeli population is big.

i love the guild and i was here for almost 9 months and i had a blast with each and every one of you its the most time i played with 1 guild and it was one good journey and i enjoyed every part of it and i hope you as well.

i hope that when i will play with my alts we can play together with out hard feellings like before and stay as we are now :D
and i am proud that i was a hippie with you all and i hope you will keep the progression and keep climbing to new heights with every content that will come in the future and the most impportant thing i hope you will have fun always :D :cry:

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Re: the end of a road for me

Post#2 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:03 pm

Sad to see you go mate.

We understand everyone needs to use their game time to best effect and get the most out of that time. I wish you well in moving to a place you feel can give you more of what you want for your play time.

Your alts are more than welcome to stay with us mate. Hopefully we will see you on them often :)

Good luck and have fun man

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